Hawg Ball

Hawg Ball

3lb bag of dry mix, makes 5-6lbs of bait.

Each mix comes in a large, foil-lined resealable bag for freshness. The bags are durable, and designed to be able to mix your bait in if you do not have a bucket!

A pack bait dry mix of highly successful ingredients for putting fish on the bank. A strong binder of old fashioned oats you would get just like at the store, unlike the steam rolled oats many others use. mixed with a potent breaker of soybean meal sourced from local Indiana farmers, and packed full of AquaMax 200 chow with blends of fish oils, minerals and sea salts. This combination is a mix sure to bring the fish into your swim, while your pick up waits to be scarfed down by the now hungry fish! Perfect year round.

Comes with basic mixing instructions