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Hawg Sauce Fishing Flavors was founded in 2017. We are a locally owned family business. We have been fishermen our whole lives. We have always been creative when it comes to fishing, and have come up with many of our own ways of catching carp and cats. We wanted our fellow fishermen to be able to experience the joys of catching big fish by the dozen using the same fun and simple fishing flavors and products we make! All of our fishing flavors are packed with amino acids, proteins, fruity & nutty flavors that carp can not resist! We have been testing different flavor combinations and methods for as long as we could walk. Combined our company representatives have over 100 years of fishing experience. Together we have learned the hard way how to get even the most stubborn fish to bite, so you don't have too. Our flavors work in all types of fish baits from packs, pastes, dough-balls, particles, boilies and more! We offer our wide variety at a fair and competitive price, because we love fishing.

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